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11/23: 1/48 Imperial Missileboat kit now available at my webstore

Announcement (01/17)
My caster of many years, Ed Holt, has decided to take an indefinite break from casting.  Over the years Ed and I have developed a great relationship and I value him both as my business associate and as a friend.  The latter aspect has not changed, but I respect his decision to change his work focus.  We have had a good deal of success with various kits that I patterned and he cast, and there was a deep sense of trust in our working relationship.

Of course, this means that I will need to look for a new caster which will take time.  Even when I do that person will need time to make molds for my patterns.  I currently have a small stock of kits remaining but once they are depleted it may be some time before they are restocked.  Obviously, I cannot take any special kit orders at this time.
Thanks you for your understanding and patronage.  Hopefully it won’t take too long before I can offer new kits again




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